Archmedian LTD

Data Services

  • On-line platform support
  • Data architecture consulting
  • Data processing automation
  • Database systems development
  • Financial data competence


On-line platform support

Improve organization by on-line interactions

We provide corporate car-sharing platform to support your Human Resources efforts in gaining the finest talents

See for more details.

Data architecture consulting

Gain reliable, efficient and scalable data architecture

Reduce costs and risks related to architecture challenges. Use our service to find improvements applicable to your situation.

Data processing automation

Eliminate costly and tedious manual data processing

Leverage technology know-how and hands-on experience to build automated solutions. Save time and money.

Database systems development

Consistent system to manage your data and business processes

Add power of system functions to enhance your business processes. Improve consistency and efficiency of data management solutions.

Financial data competence

Common understanding of financial terminology

Experience on the fin-tech common ground helps us understand and makes communication easier.


Agile approach, lean principles

We identify with the agile software development approach. We follow the lean software development principles.

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